Work Logger

Work Logger is a tool that makes it easier to log daily work and keep a list of to-dos and miscellaneous data. Not everything can be broken down methodically, and sometimes we just need a text editor to do things. This tool has been written in Python, and it stores/retrieves data from an AWS S3 bucket.

Github link:


  • Python 3.7 +
  • boto3
  • pyqt5

Cloud Storage

There is support only for S3 bucket storage. I created an S3 bucket using the following tutorial. Using the boto3 package, data is downloaded / uploaded from the S3 bucket.

AWS Credentials

The credentials are stored inside a credentials folder. Credentials should be in the 2nd row of a CSV file, where the first row would ideally contain the column names in the following order: [access_key_id, secret_access_key, bucket] and the second row would contain the values.

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